vendredi 2 janvier 2009


Planet of Origin: Kdat
Kdatlyno are an extraterrestrial species which was conquered by the Zkin before they entered the space age. After their liberation from the Kzin, they established themselves on several worlds. They are a ten feet tall massive and powerful bipeds with muscular build, long arms and flat feets,
urved silver-tipped claws at knees and elbows, rough scaly brownish skin, retractile claws on the knuckles of their huge hands. They have no eyes but a goggle-shaped tympanum and constantly emit a supersonic whistle through their large mouth, having evolved echolocation rather than vision.
They are famous for their touch-sculptures Source: Larry Niven, Known Space universe, Grendel (short story), in Neutron Star Picture by Bonnie Dalzell, Copyright © 1975

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