mardi 27 janvier 2009


On that picture can be seen more aliens (see previous entry) travelling on a spaceliner en route to Earth. At least seven species are visible here.

First row (from left to right):
- A small non-humanoid purple invertebrate.
- Two Megarans from the Planet Megara in the Deneb star system (seen in other episodes of the series)
- A humanoid figure in an hermetic suit. It cant be said if this one is an alien or a man from a extrasolar colony wearing a environmental suit because a) he has adapted to an atmosphere different from our own or b) some of some reason we do not know.
- A white haired simian of the same species as thsoe seen in the previous entry.
- A non-humanoid alien. Another specimen of the same species, but with a turquoise skin tone instead of a purple one- was briefly seen on the Deneb colony in another episode (see P1 on the same subject).

Second row:
- An orange skinned bald alien with antenneas such as the one seen in the previous entry.
- Another simian humanoid, but whose mane is red instead of white and whose skin is pitch black.
- A purple skinned vaguely humanoid alien with two short tentacle aroud its mouth.
- Yet another orange skin humanoid with antennaes.
- Another orange alien who bears ressemblance to the previous one but with some features such as "something" on its head that prevents clear association with the aforementionned orange skin one.

Third and forth Row:
- A kaki skin massive humanoid with pointy head, trumpet like ears and a very textured skin.
- Another humanoid with antenna, but whose skin is purple instead of orange (but is still probably of the same species)
- Another Megaran
- Another pointy head kaki humanoid
- A bald brown skin canine or monkey humanoid with skin sacks on each side of its mouth
- Another purple skin blad humanoid (antennaes not visible due to distance)
- Another Megaran
- Another canine or monkey type

Source: Edmund Hamilton, Captain Future

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