dimanche 18 janvier 2009


Planet of Origin: in a subspace layer of pure thought and energy in the Exosia galaxy.
The Nacene are a sporocystian lifeform with a high level technology and an apparently natural ability to exist in subspace, of navigating through it, of manipulating it and might even originate from it. They are able of transporting large structures across tens of thousands of light years in mere moments.
Nacene are at least partially non-corporeal. They appear like a glutinous liquid and reflective cell, about two meters in diameter but can change their physical appearance at will. Upon death, they turn into a small crystaline structure. Their reprodutctive cycle is sexuate and uses spores but it is believe that they could reproduce with other species, if transformed into the proper specimen, given some biomolecular compatibility. Their Lifespans is at least one thousand years.
Nacene explorers came to the Milky Way about 1500 years ago.
Source: Star Trek Universe

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