lundi 5 janvier 2009


Planet of Origin: in another galaxy. By the end of the twentieth century, their homeworld had been sucked dry of all its radioactive material.
The Bringers of Wonders are sentient radiovores that developed some sort of civilisation. Organic masses two meters high by nearly a meter in diameter with one eye (10 centimeters in diameter) at roughly the same height a human would have his, they can be described as: "plasma that forms on some organic matter when it begins to decompose." With very limited mobile capacities and no means of handling physical objects, they communicate through telepathy and use beings of other species under their illusion-based mind control to do their physical work. They seem to be able to survive in the vacuum of space.
After having consumed all the radiations on their homeworld, some of them left in a spaceship with hopes of finding new sources of nurrishment. As spaceship contruction would have been beyond their capacity and it is the only form of hardtech they've been seen using, it is likely that it was stolen from another species visiting their world.
Source: Space:1999, The Bringers of Wonder