mercredi 21 janvier 2009


Planet of Origin: Markab, in the tau Pegasi system, 140 light years from Earth
The Markab are a generally reclusive humanoid species that had developed a space-faring theocratic civilisation with a few colonies as of the twenty-third century and were members of the League of Non-aligned worlds. There are two distinct species of Markab easly distinguishable by the set of the jaw (one having an extreme "overbite" on the lower jaw).
They are polytheistic and strive to uphold morality above all others. Their pantheon is believed to have been influenced, like many others, by the Vorlons. Some Markab rituals utilize psychotropics to allow the participants to lose all control of themselves so they can enter into a religious frenzy.
In the year 2259, a lethal virus destroyed the Markab civilization. A thousand years earlier, the same disease had first appeared on the island of Drafa on the Markab homeworld. As it was noted for its "excesses", It became widespread belief that upright, moral people would not be touched by it.It was believed that the disease ceased to exist at that time, since no one was left alive to spread it to the new arrivals. As the disease was associated with immorality, when it resurfaced, infected people lied about it and walked among the population although they were contaminated. Each new case was denied by the government and its carriers. Some Markab, wishing to avoid the Plague, chartered ships to other Markab colonies, taking the disease with them. Fearing everything, the Markab politicians forbid physicians to talk about Drafa or perform research on it. A cure was found too late but too late. Medical ships landed on the Markab homeworld to find the planetary population of two billion dead. Other ships landing on Markab colonies found similar results: an additional two to three million dead. Fires raged across the deserted worlds as other races rushed to loot and pillage what remained of the Markab civilization. There are rumors that the Vorlons destroyed the Markabs. The Markabs themselves felt they had lost favor with the gods.
Source: Babylon 5 universe, Voltayre's Encyclopeadia Xenobiologica.