dimanche 11 janvier 2009


Planet of Origin: Pa'ri
The Yolu are long lived isolationist humanoid species which has developed an highly advanced space faring civilisation some 3000 years ago. Their recorded history goes back 5000 years, and 4000 of those have been of stability. In the twenty-third century, they were members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and are later members of the Interstellar Alliance.
They are extremely devoted, yet religiously tolerant.All Yolu religions espouse different viewpoints on the expression and form of the Coo-tah, an energy field, they believe, created by all living things. The Yolu Government, called the Ingyo, is composed of 15 priests and priestesses that have attained a higher understanding of the Coo-tah. They also are famed for the Mutai, a mode of settlement of differences between two factions settled with the loss of one life instead of thousands.
Source: J'Michael Strasczinsky, Babylon 5 universe