lundi 12 janvier 2009


Planet: A world in a 14 planets star system, possibly now destroyed
The Carrionites are a species of humanoid beings that use word-based science to reshape reality, a technic derived from the lexical equivalent of block transfer which used pure mathematics to reshape reality.
They vaguely resembled female figures with wrinkled skin and large, massive clawed hands, beak-like noses and hooked chins. Their mouths have sharp canine teeth. However, they can change shape to mimic specimens of other species. They can also fly, dematerialise and rematerialise at will, and communicate with other Carrionites from a distance.
Several million years ago, a war between the Carrionites and the Hervoken threatened the structure of the universe and forced the Eternals to banish them outside the universe. Attempts to reenter the universe have failed.
Source: Doctor Who Universe, The SHakespear Code,(TDA: Forever Autumn)

The Carrionites were probably Shakespeare's inspiration for the Weird Sisters of his play, Macbeth. (DW: The Shakespeare Code)