jeudi 1 janvier 2009


The Xeelee are a hyper-advanced civilization which has existed for billions of years whose technology far exceeds that of almost any other known species. They are spread across the universe, typically being concentrated in the heart of galaxies whose black holes they use.
They have also spread gigantic artifacts and huge inscrutable structures throughout space. The most notable of those being the Ring, AKA The Great Attractor, a huge construct drawing in galaxies for millions of light years around with its awesome gravitational well. The Ring, devised to tear a hole in the universe and open a portal to parallel universes, is to be used as an "escape hatch", if the Xeelee were to end up being unable to stop the Photino Birds from aging the stars of the universe.
Hypothetical letterature speculates that Humanity might in the future encounter the Xeelee and begin to war with the Xeelee, which is most likely to last over ten thousand years and to be lost by humanity in the end.
Source: Stephen Baxter, Xeelee Sequence.

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