mardi 27 janvier 2009


Planet of Origin: Breen
Breen are a secretive humanoid species that had developed an advanced interstellar society as of the twenty-fourth century. They come from a very cold world and are never seen offworld without a refrigeration suit.
The Breen have no blood or other liquid circulatory system, being walking sacs of ammonia and gelatin which are held together in freezing temperatures. The internal structure of the Breen body consists of layers of permeable chambers filled with gelatin which maintained a semi-solid state in an extremely cold environment will break when exposed to temperatures of 70 degrees F or above. The gelatin compound moves from one chamber to another where it transfers chemicals that are required for different functions such as digestion, reproduction or regeneration.If exposed to a temperate environment, their body structure simply boils and evaporates which is why they require their encounter suits when travelling offworld. While they do possess a skeletal structure, there are no bodily organs except for eyes, ears, tongues, brain, a pair of lungs along with a layer of purple-blue layered skin which provided a level of tactile sense. Their nostrils provide them the capacity to filter oxygen but do not give them a sense of smell.
Their brain is structured into four lobes; this protects them from the probing of some empathic species. They appear physically more resilient than most humanoids.
Source: Star Trek Universe (ST reference: Aliens)

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