dimanche 11 janvier 2009


Planet of Origin: Brakus
Brakiri are a humanoid alien species which has developed interstellar flight technology in 2111 and has expanded into an interstellar civilisation as of the twenty-third century when they were members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and later, of the Interstellar Alliance.
Brakiri society is based on trade and economics, their governing body being a consortium of several mega companies but criminal syndicates are power that have very high influence on the Brakiri way of life. They have have a reputation amongst the other races of being pack rats and scavengers
The Brakiri are nocturnal and look remarkably like humans with enlarged foreheads, ridges above their eyes and a hairline positioned in the further back of their scalp. [edit]
During the Shadow War of the twenty-thrid century, they made an alliance with the Shadows, believing it would ensure their safety but the Shadows eventually turned and attacked them, proving the Shadows were on no one's side but their own. The Brakiri then joined the alliance dubbed the Army of Light, contributing much of their remaining resources to its cause.
One of the most notable cultural events in the Brakiri society is the religious celebration called "day of the dead". It happens every 200 years when a comet passes the Brakiri homesystem. Every Brakiri has to be on home soil, either on Brakus, one of the colonies or just a rent area. The Brakiri use this day to interact with dead people, mainly family members or friends but sometimes even enemies.
Brakiri's first contact exprerience was with mankind through Earth's radio waves travelling trhough space at the dawn of the third millenium.
Source: J’Michael Strasczinsky, Babylon 5 universe