jeudi 1 janvier 2009


The Qax species is comprised of very few and long lived individuals which developed an advanced spacefaring civilisation.
"Qax biology is based around chemical hyper-cycles embedded in convection cells. A Qax is millions of such cells arranged on the sea surface in a branching pattern covering several miles. Each cell is as wide as a coffee can lid, languidly bubbling like chocolate with nested eddies down to the microscopic level; they're highly organized, living storms." (Taken from Daily Kos. Thanks!)
Being composed of convection cells, a Qax requires complex life support and can be damaged easily - therefore their contact with other species is usually indirect.
The Qax had a longstanding alliance with the sentient Spline ships who carried them around the galaxy.
Hypothetical Litterature postulated that Circa 5000, the Qax would encounter humanity and a brief war would be fought leading to the occupation of Earth and its colonies by the Qax until they were forced to leave dure to their hommweorld's destruction.
Source: Stephen Baxter, Xeelee Sequence
Thanks to Karen Wehrstein for the great Qax picture

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