lundi 12 janvier 2009


Hervoken are an isolationnist species that developed an advanced space faring society. Several million years ago, they had first contact with the Carrionites and a war broke between the two species which threatened the structure of the universe and forced the Eternals to banish them outside the universe.
They were three meters tall, with an extremely thin body but a huge head somewhat resembling a Halloween Jack O' Lantern. Their hands were about as long from the wrist to the fingertips as a human arm, and their fingers had several joints and a talon at the end. Their heads were pale and fleshy, with sharp teeth and black, beady eyes. It remains unknown as to if they had legs as they've never been seen and the specimen witnessed was always drifting through the air under its robe.
With a high-pitched, almost childish voices, their language was complex amd thier technologu based on it. It consisted of words, body language, thoughts, incantation and pauses. It was very much like magic in appearance and effect. It was activated by drawing sigils in the air or chanting. It would be weakened by the use of salt and iron. Hervoken could animate inanimate matter and modify existing beings. Their ships were known as sky-hearts.
One Hervoken whose ship had crashed on Earth escaped banishment. Its ship lay dormant for years, attracting people to area to maintain it. As of the early 21st century, it had repaired itself completely and its pilot was reawakened. It was destroyed before it could power on and destroy the village under which it was.
SOurce: Doctor Who, Forever Autumn novel.