vendredi 2 janvier 2009


The Drakh are stocky sentient reptilian bipeds with an heavy endo and exo-skeletal systems and thick dark grey scaly skin. They may have some kind of group mind as they can communicate with other Drakh over long distances.
The Drakh are dark servants for the race of First Ones known as the Shadows. Much like their masters, they have various agents working for them, and apply technology to mask their appearance. They use the same Phasing Technology as the Shadows to Phase in and out of the physical universe. It remains unknown if they developed a space faring civilisation of their own prior to their afiliation to the Shadows or if they were nurtured by them to their present state.
Speculative litterature postulates that after the Shadow War of the 23rd century and the departure of the Shadows, they'll be trying to take their role as interstellar pupetmasters.
Source: Babylon 5 universe

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