mercredi 21 janvier 2009


The Valnaxi were an telepathic avian species linked to their homeworld's planetary consciousness without which they were unable to create art, their main mode of expression.
They were apparently eradicated at the end of a war with the Wurms in 118 AD but surviving Valnaxi somehow managed to turned themselves into a gaseous consciousness, hoping to be able to come back to their world one day.
They created treasure troves which they hid on several worlds, filled with their greatest art pieces. Each trove had coded directions to find the next one, leading to the last one which they hid on Earth. They were carved out of the rock and guarded by specially created guardians, a gold substance produced out of magma, which in turn was formed into mobile blobs. This gold substance could cover any living creature, infect it and modify its DNA to turn it into a guardian. The treasure troves were also traps to lure in the Wurms. There was a special panel in the final treasure trove that would absorb the DNA of the Wurms and create new bodies for the Valnaxi. This would allow them to return to their home planet without raising suspicions. IN 2118, the spaceship, hidden on Earth, was launched with the Valnaxi consciousnesses inside. Its wherabouts are now unknown.
Source: Doctor Who Unvierse, Novel "The Art of Destruction"