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Planet of Origin: Karna, in the Vega System
The Gordanians are a sentient reptilian species that rose to civilized society in Gordane, the southern continent of the Vegan planet Karna, also home to two other intelligent species: Karnan felines, and the sea-dwelling Ssilithiss. The Gordanian society thrived on obedience to authority and strong military leadership. Their culture grew by the labors of the many slaves their legions captured, a type of exploitation in which they excelled. In time, slavery became their main vocation other than warfare. When the Citadel came in contact with the Gordanians, they quietly annexed them in exchange for a steady supply of weapons and technology. As a further incentive to cooperation, The Citadel allowed the Gordanians to not only plunder the worlds of their enemies for the slave market, but to set up Gordanian colonies on Citadel. In exchange for these privileges, the Gordanians were subject to periods of service in Citadel armies, and turned over a percentage of their slaves to Citadel service. Portions of any monetary profits the Gordanians made in such industries as their slave-labor asteroid mines were paid as tribute to The Citadel.
Seeking a new home, the Tamarans who survived the destruction of New Tamaran lead an invasion on Karna. After a short conflict, The Gordanians allowed them to stay; in exchange, the Tamarans tought them new trades outside of slavery. Shortly afterward, in 2000, tragedy struck, a series of Imperiex probes destroyed Karna.

Source: DC Universe,
New Teen Titans vol. 1 #1, 3, Titans #17-19

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