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Planet of Origin: Kvch

The Technarchy is an aggressive techno-organic species. They need to travel to other worlds to feed as Feeding is done by infecting preys with the Transmode Virus, converting them into techno-organic matter, from which they then drain the energy. If is not drained after infection, organic creatures become Phalanx, hiveminded aggressive creatures seeking only to multiply. Phalanx are inherently coded to send a message to the Technarchy once they reach a critical mass. The Technarchy, who consider Phalanx to be abominations, exterminate all such "nests" upon receiving the messages.

Technarchs reproduces through an advanced assembly line, using information code from a parent. The babies is then brought up in a creche. Upon reaching a certain age, they must face their parent in single combat to prove that they have the right to live. The weaks are killed, while those that are strong kill their parent.

Technarchs grow in size, strength and power throughout their lives. In addition to the shapeshifting and energy-channeling abilities, Technarchy members can, with enough energy, travel through hyperspace, cross dimensional barriers, detect energy sources at interstellar distances, detect mental activity, communicate in a wide variety of formats, and even fuse hydrogen.

Source: Marvel Universe. Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkewicz. In New Mutants vol. 1 #21 (November 1984).

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