mercredi 12 octobre 2011


The Shansheeth are species of avian bipeds. Two meters tall, they have hunched shoulders with a long neck protruding from the middle section of their body and a vulture like head. They have five digits clawed hands and feet. Apart of their head, neck, feet and hands, most of their body is covered in feathers. They are able to project energy beams from their hands and like wearing robes and jewels.
A peaceful advanced space faring civilisation led by a political enitiy known as the Wide Wing of the High Shansheeth Nest, they have been known amongst the interstellar community as galactic undertakers, journeying through space in tribal groups to return lost heroes to their kin. .They employ shards of black stones called epitaph sotnes which they use to project hologrphic images to communicate with other species and  have also been known to use devieces called memory weaves to extracting memories and turning them into physical objects.
 Source: Doctor Who Universe (SJA: Death of the Doctor

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