dimanche 2 octobre 2011


Planet of Origin: Vendor (Vendoria)
An advanced cephalopodic sentient, tentacled shape-shifting species.  In their natural form, Vendorians look rather like floating orange lamps adorned with six trailing tentacles. They had great agility and grace, and reflexes superior to those of a human.
Because of their ability to rearrange their cellular structures at will, thus taking on the shapes of various humanoid species,they are looked upon them with suspicion by other species. While Vendorians may assume many shapes and identities, the longer they remain in one form the more characteristics of that form they assume as  they can absorb memories and personality traits of an individual through touch. These memories and traits become more ingrained the longer or more frequently the Vendorian assumes the form; if maintained long enough, the absorbed traits eventually become part of the Vendorian's own personality. 
In the 23rd century, due to their practice of deciet as a way of life , they have been judged psychologically unfit for the interstellar communicty. Their planet has been quarantined to avoid them inflitrating other worlds and spreading chaos.
Source: Star Trek Universe ("The Survivor")

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