dimanche 2 octobre 2011


The Tenza is a species whose young were raised by other species. To that end, they possessed advanced, though subconscious, psychic powers, allowing them to live among the alien culture in which they were being raised. They born in space, where they drift until they found a habitable world. There, they find a family to live with, then infiltrate it. The Tenza infant would adapt itself to suit its environment and alter the memories of its surrogate parents and those around them. After that, the Tenza would live out its life as a member of the surrogate parents' species without conscious realization of its true nature.  If the Tenza felt threatened, its telepathic abilities played havoc with its environment to keep it safe.  They used a perception filter to remove inconsistencies in their histories. Their telepathic abilities are known to be able to scan space over distances of millions of light years.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (DW: Night Terrors)

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