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Planet of Origin: Bajor, the 7th planet orbiting the star Bajor-B'hava'el, an earth type planet with five moons. A Day on Bajor has 26 hours. Bajor's atmosphere has a greenish tint; as a result, oceans viewed from space will appear more green than blue.
The Bajorans are a pacific  humanoid species who developed advanced civilisation about 500 000 years ago and started space faring in the 16th century. They were invaded in 2328 by the Cardassian Union, with who they had aligned themselves some time before. They were occupied for 40 years, during which time many Bajorans were forced into slave labor. Many fled and hid in refugee camps while other got involved in the terrorist resistance movement. In 2369, the Cardassian civilian authorities ordered the military to withdraw from Bajor, after which the Bajoran provisional government invited the United Federation of Planets to set up base in the system and requested membership into the Federation. Soon after, a stable wormhole was discovered in the system, making it a strategic position on the galacitc scale and a key entry point for the Dominion, an invasive civilisation lying at the other end of the Wormhole. Bajor finally formally joined the Federation in 2376, the year after the Dominion War ended.
The Bajoran people were originally divided into castes, called d'jaras. When the Occupation began, the d'jara system was abolished.
The Bajoran religion, known as the Way of the Prophets, is the major unifying force on the planet. Its religious figures are entities refered to as The Prophets, or "Wormhole Aliens" which, also they claim to be of Bajor, exist within the system's wormhole, referred to as the Celestial Temple by the Bajoran people. Their motives remain unclear; on several occasions they proclaim their disinterest in the physical world, while at other times actively participate in the physical world, most often in the general interest of Bajor and its people. People who followed the will of the Prophets are said to be permitted to enter the Celestial Temple and dwell with the Prophets upon their death. The Prophets are also believed to have given Bajor its main religious artifcacts, were discovered 10 000 years ago, the "Tears of the Prophets", crystalline, hour-glass shaped orbs , glowing and  floating within their containers and have powers defying scientific explanations, the most common being to stimulate visions that are beleived to communications from the Prophets. Some prophets, known as Pah Wraiths, are said to have been imprisoned by their kin on Bajor in a physical prsion known as the Caves of Fire for having tried to seiz control of the Celestial Temple in the past.
Source: Star Trek Universe

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