mercredi 12 octobre 2011


Planet of Origin: Fleshking planet, part of a binary planetary system (the other planet being the Metalkind planet) in the eye of the Tornado Nebula.
The Fleshkind is a carbon-based humanoid species that developed an advanced civilisation and possesses interstellar-range teleportation technology as well as advanced genetic engineering. 
They are externally almost undistinguishable from humans but can shoot energetic discharges from their hands to place others in a trance. Given the fact that they have been known to develop living weapons of high destructive power, this ability might have been engineered.
The Fleshlkind was at war with a Metalkind race that lived on the twin planet of their homeworld after they started mining operations to mine precious ore on  the Metalkind planet; ore which was in fact the the Metalkind's children. Discovering this fact, the Fleshkind started using the so-captured Metalkind as slaves, which lead to the war.
Th war had come to a stalemate as of the beginning of the 21st century when the Flehskind developed a living weapon capable to destroying all the Metalkind but the weapon was lost, possibly restoring the stalemate.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (SJA: Sky)

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