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Planet of origin: Venus Three billion years ago, when Venus eas capable of supporting life, including human life.
The Venusians' bodies have five-fold symmetry; they have five eyes, mouths, tentacle-like arms, legs and eyes. Each leg ends in a star-shaped hoof and each arm ends in a five-fingered flower-like hand. Their skin is bark-like. Their mouths are y-shaped and filled with teeth. The Venusians reproduce by mating in groups in the bud-ponds each year at least two females are required to create a fertile union. They reproduce by budding. Their budlings are blind and are not active out of water. Budlings have tiny membranous rotors, which they can use to fly. Their blood is purple Venusians have very good hearing.Venusians are big enough that humans can ride easily on the backs of adults.

Venusians are allergic to all free metals except gold and, to some extent, platinum and titanium, all of which are rare on Venus. They have dart-guns which fire wooded darts with iron tips (which poison them). Because of this allergy, they use a golden-coloured wood native to Venus to make buildings and even guns. Thye build tools out of wood, mainly for farming and travelling. They eat the memory centres of the brains of their dead in order to remember them (this involves absorption of the memories of whoever's brain they are eating). Eating the brain of a dead Venusian imparts some of their memories to the eater. It works on Venusians, humans and Time Lords. They believe that when they die, they go to Dhallgohidhall, meaning the Land-which-is-no-land. The Venusians regard punctuality as a virtue, especially at funerals. A generation is about 33 years.
Venusian civilization lasted at least three million years.

They are lead by the Night Council, which is commanded by the Presidor.

The Venusians use globerollers for long-distance travel between cities. A globeroller is essentially a single huge wheel with a pentagonal platform halfway up. The globerollers have masts, presumably for balance, and are wind powered.They also have land yachts. A mossocular is a moss-based camera. The didhabhir is the position-of-speech-making, which involves a Venusian positioning its eyes to form a perfect five-pointed star. The nenetif web is fine enough to be invisible, but its strands can cut through flesh with ease. They use cuttershells as thrown weapons. They also use harpoons. enusian writing is pictogramic. They write using their own blood, which runs down a groove in the claw of their writing-finger. They use 75-string guitars, and pentaclaviphoniums. They measure the passing of time using time-crystals, watch-like devices with three plates, which change colour rather than number as the day progresses. by means of a change of colours rather than by numbers. They measure height (or distance) in ojotti (humans are about one tenth of an ojotti). Their currency includes wooden geometric shapes such as pyramids, dodecs and cubes. They have a game called cog-o-cog.

Bikugih, Inarihib, Conorihib, Martahig, Burijianit and Ujannonot are Venusian cities. Regions of Venus include the village of Lijonallall, Hidarateg Peak, which overlooks the Bikugih Plains, Piniheg hill and Brehigu hill are both near Bikugih.

The petrol forests between Conorihib and Bikugih (in which trees grow which produce fruit containing petrol) catch fire and burn down every night. Mole-like creatures called tree-moles live in these marshes and dig below the surface to their nesting chambers to avoid periodic fires. Venusian food includes roast grifharji, juldha, pekatisi, tongue-bread, nightfish, and kirimbi-nuts. Nijij are best eaten whilst still alive and their brains help nervous tissue to regenerate.

Ancient Venusian animals include the monstrous shaghorn, the 2-headed klak-kluk , and the harpoon-beaked pattifangs. A dihilrahig is quite short and broad, and a transport box for a dihilrahig can fit in a human, who can't sit upright but can move sideways several feet. Ghifgihoni (which have rotors and can fly, and also have five legs) are animals which are used as carrier pigeons. The Venusians use kigfih, giant insectoid creatures, to draw carts. Other flora and fauna include chedhanhig trees, nijij (which are sometimes kept in tanks, so may be aquatic), cajingu, grifharji, and fehiliju mosses. Venus has bosifghal forests and beghi paddies.

Sources: Doctor Who "Venusian Lullaby' novel and the Doctor Who Dicsontinuity Guide (from whihc most of this text comes)

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