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Planet of origin: Earth

The Voth are a cold blooded saurian humanoids. They are descendant from the hadrosaur of in the Cretaceous period, the most highly evolved cold-blooded organism to develop from the Eryops and which disappeared during the mass extinction of the end of the Cretaceous period.

They have a highly developed sense of smell and skin pigmentation which alters according to moods. They stand a it under 2 meters, have six clawed manipulatory digits (three on each hand). Their eyes are protected by heavy bony brow ridges which have a central crest rising to a conical protrusion on the back of the skull. This is the extra-cranial area gives them a cranium capacity is 22% greater than that of a typical Human. They have 47 genetic markers which are identical to Humans.

The Voth developed an technologically advanced civilisation on Earth before leaving theire homeworld some 65 million years ago, possibly fleeing some planetwide catastrophy.

Technologically advanced, they possess transwarp capabilities and spatial displacement capabilities – a form of cloaking technology that moved their starships or even individuals out of phase. Their scanning technology allows them real-time scan of individual lifeforms from a distance of nearly a hundred light-years.

Highly reclusive and xenophobes, they recognize no rights to other species and have retreated to kilometers long cloacked City Ships . They are governed by a Ministry of Elders. At the heart of their society lies their Doctrine, guiding principles, which specifies that the Voth were the first lifeforms in the area of space in which they now live. All notion about Earth has been removed from their history. Heresy against Doctrine is an arrestable and serious offense.

Note: The Voth resemble, both conceptually and visually, the Silurian race from Doctor Who and the Silurians, in which the Silurians, like the Voth, are an advanced reptile species who evolve on Earth before Humanity and subsequently disappear. There is also a strong physical resemblance between the costumes and make up used for the two alien races.

Source: Star Trek: Voyager “Distant Origins”, Memory Alpha

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