mercredi 29 août 2007


Planet of Origin: Lotiara / Swampworld (Capella II, 42.2 LY from Sol)

The Badoon are a reptillian humanoid species. Notable for a gender schism that resulted in two separate societies; the Brotherhood of Badoon (ruled by a 'Brother Royal') and the Sisterhood of Badoon (ruled by a Queen).

The Brotherhood live on the planet Moord, while the Sisterhood reside on the Badoon homeworld of Lotiara.

The Badoon civilisation is more than 10 million years old but a natural hatred between the two genders lead them to fight each other in long gender wars. Eventually, the males won, placing the females in captivity and eventually developed technologies enabling them to abandon Lotiara, returning only when their mating drive made it necessary. The males developed an aggressive expansionnist society while the females turned toward a pacific non-expansionniste one, oblivious to the males' star-spanning empire.

The Brotherhood are capable of faster-than-light space travel and also possess personal cloaking technology. They are known to use hand-held particle guns and large, muscular cyborg-like artifical humanoid construct for military purposes.

Source: Marvel Universe, “Silver Surfer”

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