samedi 18 août 2007


Planet of Origin: Chelar (Rigel III)

The Rigellians are reptilian humanoids who developed a space faring society. They were descended from a race of saber-toothed turtles who learned to walk upright. They ranged in height from about 1.75 meters to 2 meters or more.

Rigellians have attendants who serve, feed, and care for them. This gave the attendants the real power in Rigellian society. They only had one gender and reproduced by laying eggs.

They were members of the Federation of Planets in the 23 century.

Notes: They physically strongly ressemble Doctor Who's Chelonians and the LaserBlast Aliens.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Details about this species, including their name, comes from notes created by Fred Phillips and Robert Fletcher for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and can be found in The Making of Star Trek The Motion Picture), Memory Alpha

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