mercredi 25 avril 2007


Bipedal Reptilian aliens who developed a tehnologically advanced interstellar civilisation. They do not wear clothings but do use some apparatus they attach on their body. Not much is known about these creatures as their only known contact with mankind occurred in 1978 when they came to Earth to hunt down another alien in possession of a laserblaster. The weapon was not destroyed at the same time as its user and found by a teenager and as he started using it, the weapon began to mutate him. The reptilian aliens came back to correct their mistake and left immediately afterward. It is not known if the weapon is meant to change its bearer into the form most suited for its use or if the teenage’s transformation was a side effect of the use of the weapon by a human.

Source: Laserblast (Directed by Michael Rae on a screenplay by Ray Frank Perilli and Frances Schacht. US, 1977)

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