mardi 24 avril 2007


Pnumes are the main aborigenous lifeform of Tschai. Their cilisation goes back from 7 to 10 million years in the past. They are insectoid beings about the size of a human. Their face looks much like a horse’s skull, or ivory color. They are completely expressionless with a complex of small organs dedicated to shredding and mastication aroud their mouth. Their legs are articulated reverse to that of a human and their feet possess three very mobile toes. They are troglodytes, living in mazes of underground galleries and wells. They consider themselves the living memory of Tschai which they see as a living organism. They possess in their cave a statufied specimen of every species that has set foot on their world. They all wear long black cape hiding their body’s true shape and also use humans taken from the Dirdir to act as servants and representatives. Their means of reproduction remains unknown.

The Phung are a nomadic, more savage and much larger (2m30) subspecies of the Pnumes.

Soruce: Planet of Adventure – The Pnume (Jack Vance)

Illustration: Caza

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