lundi 23 avril 2007


Planet of origin: Atavus / Tealon Homeworld

The Atavus species as a whole encountered the Kimera at some point 8 to 10 million years ago. They probably gained access to interstellar travel technologies through their extermination of the Kimera.

The Kimera allegedly altered the Atavus, transforming most of them by merging their genetic material with them. This change ultimately lead them to a split into the Taelons and Jaridians sub-species.

The original Atavus were energy vampires, able to drain other creatures of their life essence. They inherited form the merge the Shaqarava organ. For the Kimera, Shaqarava was powered by ones life essence and embodied the totality of self. They used it for communication, sharing memory, thoughts and spirits with one-another, healing, to assume the form of others and exchange genetic information, to create defensive force fields and as a weapon creating destructive energy blasts strong enough to vaporise an unprotected opponent.

Source: Earth Final Conflict

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