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Planet of origin: Tealon Homeworld

Tealons are members of the Atavus race altered by the Kimera were cultists who devoted themselves to the pursuit of immortality and spiritual perfection, which led them to shed most of their material envelope to attain a state of existence as pure energy much like that of the Kimera. The first Taelon used their energy draining capabilities enhanced by the shqarava to take a significant portion of the life energy of another of his race.. Other members of the cult followed this practice, eventually becoming beings of pure energy. Their actions sparked the war between the Taelons and the remaining Atavus. This divergence led to the speciation of the Atavus to split into two sub-species, Taelons and Jaridians. The action of the tealons having shortened Jaridian lifespans by two thirds, while Taelon lifespans were extended by a factor of 200. The final split between the two is believed to have occurred roughly eight million years ago when Jaridians fled their homeworld to re-establish themselves on Jaridia in the 61 Cygni star system. Tealons lifespans possibly can possibly be counted in thousands of years while Jaridians’ is shorter than that of mankind.

Taelons appear as tall hairless humanoids of a slender build. They are androgynous and although they are now sterile, they evolved into asexual reproduction. They are mainly composed of energy with a material skinlike façade they can alter to mimic to ressemble that of other species upon sampling their DNA, a trait probably inherited from the Kimera.

To maintain their spiritual perfection state, the tealons have developed a partial collective consciousness, known as The Commonality which links them all to one another telepathically. It does not directly control individuals, nor allows them to view the thoughts and actions of another immediately but prevents them to act directly against the collective will, even if they feel that the majority is wrong. The Commonality also help them to stay in their Taelon state and should one become disconnected from it, he would revert to they Atavus state.

Source: Earth Final Conflict.

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