jeudi 26 avril 2007


Nothing is known about the social structure of that species (nor its name) and, based on the information gathered from the specimen whose existence is recorded, he might as well be a unique one. It is a highly intelligent creature that has the ability to teleport itself on the interstellar scale. Roughly man-size, it looks like a shapeless mass of worms always in motion and often changing colors. It can communicate telepathically with other species given they have some psychic compatibility. According to its saying, it is self-sufficient, which is quite vague but can lead to believe that it feeds on its direct environment, possibly through photsynthesis or direct absorption of cosmic rays and surrounding matter. It comes from a world located somewhere in our galactic arm or nearby. Although fairly versed in spiritual matters, it does not know the concept of the soul.

Source: Clifford Donald Simak, A choice of Gods

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