jeudi 16 août 2007


Planet of Origin: 16 Alpha Leonis One, a planet with an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and seas of boiling sulphuric acid.
The Cthalctose resemble three-metre-wide, crystal-armoured sea anemones.
They are culturally as developed as the ancient greeks and are versed in mathematics, chemistry, physics and astronomy, the last of which they base on the tidal movement of the sulphuric acid seas.
They live in buildings shaped like coral reefs and leave their dead on the projecting atolls to decompose in the acidic atmosphere. Despite their scientific knowledge, they developed little technology.
6 billions years ago, the Cthlactose discovered that a wandering black hole was on a collision course with their world. They developed impressive force field technology to contain it but, faced with failure, built on their moon a platform containing the seeds of their race and the Agent Yellow reserves, as well as a series of laboratories, a museum, and a matter transmitter. Agent Yellow was a terraforming virus able to liberate sulphur from rocks to create sulphuric acid seas and modifiy a world's atmosphere in order to make it suitable for the Cthalctose. They placed two pinhead black holes orbiting each other inside the Moon, feeding off its mass and providing a massive source of energy. They launched their moon into space, and it eventually reached Earth, becoming its Moon.
Source: Doctor Who "Eternity Weeps" (novel)

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