lundi 13 août 2007


Planet of Origin: Ruta III

The Rutans are a race of amorphous amphibious electrovores used to very clod climates. Shaped somewhat like a green glowing jellyfish, with many light-green tendrils. They are can cling to sheer vertical surfaces, an can move with considerable mobility out of the water. They can generate lethal biolelectrical shocks and are able to absorb electrical energy directly for sustenance. They reproduce by binary fission, each infant carrying the memories of the parent. They possess a sense similar to monochromatic vision and can speak by forming a vocal apparatus.

Rutans are abke to operate independently but do not see individuals as important. They never refer to themselves as individuals and have no individual names. The Rutans are believed to have a hive mind coordinated by a Queen living on their homeworld.

They have long developed a very advanced interstellar civilisation. They use a crystalline based space technology, weather control and shapeshifting technology, which they use a lot for spying.

They have been at war with the Sontarans for several millions of years.

A rutan scout ship crashed on Earth near the English coasts in the early 1900s.

Source: Doctor Who “Horror of Fang Rock”, “The Infitinity Doctor”, “Shakedown”

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