samedi 28 juillet 2007


Beings from several species were treated in the Torkulon Psychatric Ward. Eight of them were referenced. Apart from the Slugs, most of them were not named or seen very briefly.
  • The alien from the frist pic had personnality disorders. He might have been a triple siamese andtherefore is not necessarily physically representative of its species. He appeared to be larger than a human.
  • Nothing is known about the gnome like alien
  • The ball like alien is morpologically reminiscent of the alcatroids. As nothing much is known about them, there might be dramatic discrepencies among the species.
  • Nothing much is known about the red slug like alien apart from the fact that it has a huge tongue and is rather large.
  • There is also a representative of a Centaur species.
  • A green skinned humanoid species
  • An insect species
Let if be known that Quintessons also know of the Torkulon ward.
Source: Transformers "Webworld"

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