samedi 29 décembre 2007


Planet of Origin: Argolis

Argolins are yellow skinned humanoid nhabitants of Argolis who developed an nascent interstellar civilisation until 2250, when after a 20-minute nuclear war with the Foamasi, their planet was tunred into a nuclear wasteland and the few surviving Argolins became sterile. The radiation also slowed down their metabolic rate, making them appear ageless for a long period of time, until they suddenly withered away in a matter of hours. The surviving Argolins rebuilt their civilisation around services to other civilisations and became leisure providers. They attempted to renew their race through cloning but with poor results until, in 2290, when they were on the verge of bankrupty, alien input allowed them to perfect a Tachyon Recreation Generator to rejuvenate their race.
Source: Doctor Who “The Leisure Hive”

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