mardi 13 octobre 2009


Planet: Zela Sigma, orbiting the star Zela, 6000 Light years from Earth in the constellation of Cyngus. Zela was destroyed by a nearby balck hole in 1977. Zelans are humanoids with green skin and pointy ears who developed a peaceful non-expansionnist advanced civilisation who developed space travel. They built a computer to manage their society. The machine, named Darius, took over when the planet was menaced of destruction by a black hole and established a dictatorship. The population was moved to underground dwellings as planetary surface was deteriorating and mesures were taken to relocate on another planet, namely Earth. Large chunks of the population was brainwashed and transformed into birdmens, the stormtroopers of the zelan army. Dissidents, mainly pacifists, were stigmatised but tolerated and kept alive for future use. In the end the civilians were abandonned on Zela as it was about to fall into the blakc hole while the army left the planet for an all-out attack on Earth, near Mount Fuji. The Zelan attackers will be destroyed and the civilians will escape the destruction of their world in one of their underground city turned into a makeshift spaceship. Source: [大空魔竜ガイキング] Daiku Maryu Gaiking (Gaiking) - Fuji TV, Asahi Tsushinsha, Toei Animation, Dynamic Planning [大空魔竜ガイキング] Gaiking Daiku Maryu (Gaiking) - Fuji TV, Asahi Tsushinsha, Toei Animation, Dynamic Planning. This entry was possible due to the informations found of the fantastic site Encirobopedia.

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