dimanche 17 juin 2012


Planet of Origin:Goldilocks planet, in the Milky Way galaxy
The Battleship aliens are a sentient species that developed an advanced civilisation with space faring capacity.
The are vaguely humanoid. Their hands have four opposable finger and their feet have clawed tows. They sport both mammal and reptilian features, Their face is vageuly humanlike but with less pronounced features, They are blad but possess a set of spikes all over their chin that looks that is reminiscent of a goatee beard. They are sensitive to bright lights and dislike daylight such as we have on Earth.
A scouting party came to Earth in 2012 in response to a signal from mankind had been received on their homeworld. Their goal was to establish if the planet was worth settlement. This invasion force which landed near Hawai was disposed off by the humans.
Source: Battleship movie

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