dimanche 20 juillet 2014


The Ixodes are a sentient non-humanoid which developed a space faring civilisation who look like a several meters wide fleshy balls cover with bulging veins with a giant eye located frontally on their equator and several powerful tentacles about twice as long as their body which they use both for prehension and locomotion. They generally move about surrounded by a cloud that provides them the subzero temperatures they need to survive.
They are known to have settled camps on some of Earth's mountain tops in the 1950ies for reasons unknown but following aggresive behaviours, were either destroyed or chased away. The means they use to travel through space remains unknown.
Source: The Trollenberg Terror serial (1956),  and the film The Crawling Eye (1958) (Both directed by Quentin Lawrence, with the screenplay of the serial and its story by Peter Key, while the screenplay or the movie was from Jimmy Sangster)

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