lundi 15 juin 2015


Planet of Origin: Baab, a ring earth-like planet in the Milky Way Galaxy with two large moons.
Baabians are a spacefaring hairless blue skinned sexuate humanoid species which developed an faster than light spacefaring civilisation. Their hands and feet have four digits, their eyes are much larger than that of human on their skull, they do not have visible nose or nostrils, their ears are long and pointy.  Some have crests on the head, which seem to be larger and more colorful in females, although individual variations occur in both genders. They can survivre in Earth's environmental conditions with no problems.
Although they have been studying Earth for a long while, being aware that once dinosaurs lived on the planet and regard those reptiles as beautiful creatures while mammals appear to them to be brutish primitives, which might hint that they evolved from reptilianoid beings themselves. They do not understand some concepts of human culture such as that of countries and wars but have otherwise developed a culture not unlike that of Earth's humans.
Baabians are in contact with at least 106 species as they know of that many species who have sent emissaries to Earth who have never returned. Among them, the Greys, the Occulans, the Merdoc and the Thurman.
Source: Escape from Planet Earth

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