jeudi 28 août 2008


The Galra (also known as the Drules) are an aggressive technologically advanced humanoid species which developed an interplanetary society through invasive expansionnism that originated of planet Galra, also known as Planet Doom.
The Galra are physically relatively close to humans but with pointed ears that enlarge with age. Their eyes are yellow and their skin color can be of all tones of blue. The ruling class seems to be of a median tone of blue while most of the populace seems to be of a darker blue. Children all have lighter tones of blue that darkens as they age.
They have developed a monarchic society based on conquest and slave collecting.
Some Galra are said to use some kind of magic.
They may or may not be related to the Galbeston.

Source: King of the Beasts GoLion / Voltron Lion Force TV series.

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