samedi 30 août 2008


Zetton Seijin are a technologically advanced species of bipeds which developed space flight. They are 2 meters (6.56 feet) tall and weigh 60 kg. With two legs and two arms, they have a large cylindrical head with a with a kind of antenna organ on top of it. They can shapeshift but it is not known if this ability is natural or artifical.
They came to Earth in 1966 and attempted to conquer the planet using a 60 meters tall monster called Zetton. Zetton resembles a giant horned humanoid beetle with a glowing yellow streaky mouth down his face, striped yelloy black limbs and powerful black armor plates on the torso. The yellow panels on his chest are thought to be compound eyes. Where eyes are on most creatures, he has two sensory pits which can emit sonar or radar signals. Where ears would normally be are sensors that acquire the reflected signals. It can shoots 1-trillion-degree-Celsius Fireballs from his mouth, absorb energy waves and rays and recast them from his hands and create a protective force field around him. It is unlikely that Zetton is the product of natural evoluton and is most probably a creation of Zetton Seijin science.
Source: Ultraman TV series

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