vendredi 12 septembre 2008


The Eddorians are a psychic dictatorial, power-hungry shapeless species from the planet Eddore in another universe where the laws of physics are different. They were attracted to this universe by the observation that the Milky Way and a sister galaxy, the Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte galaxy might be passing through each other. The Eddorians believed that this would result in the formation of billions of planets and the development of life upon them. Dominance over these life forms seemed to the Eddorians the logical course of action. This dominance isexercised on their behalf by a hierarchy of underling races. The Eddorians themselves are physically similar to various lower Earthly life-forms, reproducing by fission but by a process more similar to budding than to cell division, except that each being's memories are preserved. They are highly competitive, extremely long-lived, and almost impossible to kill

Source: E.E. "Doc" Smith, Triplanetary

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Jordan179 a dit…

Compare with Lovecraft's Shoggoths ( first described in detail in At the Moujntains of Madness (written 1931) and, much more obscurely, with the Spawn of the Stars from Diffin's "Spawn of the Stars" (published 1930) which may have strongly influenced Lovecraft in terms of the physical description. The Eddorians are in many ways basically smarter, more evil, and more technologically-advanced versions of Spawn of the Stars or Shoggoths.

Jordan179 a dit…

Oh, a link to "Spawn of the Stars," republished on Fantastic Worlds

qosmiq a dit…

Somehow the ressemblance between Eddorians and HPL creations has always eluded me. ARG!!! Now that you say it, how could I not see it.

Thanks for the link to Spawn of the stars!!!