mardi 16 septembre 2008


Makuu aka C-Rex are an aggressive and expansionnist advanced species naively bent on universal domination under the domination of Don Hora/Don Horror/Lou IBMX-11, a monstrous six-armed idol-like being which lives in a large structure in a pocket universe. It remains unclear if this dimension is a crossroad between our universe and another one and if the Makyy actually come from it but Don Hora is able to conjure other temporary pocket dimensions to serve as arenas where his subordinates terminate his adversaries.
The bulk of the Makuu/C-Rex forces are composed of humanoids with vaguely reptilian features. the most advanced can assume human form and even transform into bulkier monstrous creatures. Given the diversity of monstrous form different specimen can adopt, it is most likely the result of manipulation of the individual, either chemical, genetical or else.
The Makuu/C-Rex were exterminated from this universe around the end of the 20th century.
Source: Space Sheriff Gavan / X-Or TV series

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