mercredi 15 avril 2009


An ancient extraterrestrial humanoid civilization which developed an interstellar stellar repulbic sprawling throughout the Milky Way some 500 000 years ago. They are known for designing an impressive militaro-industrial complex for proxy warfare, able to build huge fleets for their army of giant humanoid clones called Zentradi(Zentreadi) for proxy warfare.
Intestine disputes and possession of clones by extra-dimensionnal beings nearly wiped out the Republic. In their last years, the remaining Protoculture is said to have tried seeding humanoid life in different uninhabited planets to avoid extinction. A Survey Ship is said to have landed on Earth and genetically influenced the existing native life toward a sub-Protoculture adapted to the planetary environment to prepare the planet for future colonization but to no avail, after some 25000 years of existence, the Protoculture was finally eradicated by the instruments it had itself created.
Source: Macross Universe

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