mercredi 15 avril 2009


Planet of Origin: An Earth type world near the center of the galaxy, with three moons and a large artificial ring which encircles its equator with a spiral emblem on its main superstructure. The planet is defended by a large Vajra war fleet which hides in interdimensionnial space.
The Vajra are an insectoid bio-mechanical alien species which developed interstellar space faring capacities through folding abilities. They are known to have existend for millions of years. The species can survive in the vacuum of space and grows through various stages of metamorphosis. The Vajra can produce destructive interdimensionnal energy and their thick hide can produce an energy conversion armor protecting them from most harm.
They are known to have established hives on planets as well as in asteroid fields and are led by have Queens which act as thinking/guiding intelligences for their race and can communicate over interstellar distances using a fold network activated by the fold quartz produced from interstellar matter and raw materials from fixed stars by microorganisms carried inside the organs of their body. While each creature has a rudimentary intelligence, the whole race's fold communication network creates a large collective consciousness with an advanced level of intelligence which is coordinated by a single Queen through minor Queens which also produce the eggs of their respective hive.
In the twenty-first century, the Vajra Queen started seeking out other lifeforms to cross breed. Long unable to achieve first contact and communicate with individual based species. They were seen leaving their home world for parts unknown after undertanding the humans method of communication & nature of humanity's individual nature.
Source: Macross Universe (Macross Frontier)

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