mardi 17 novembre 2009


The Flood were a viral species of unknown origin which as been sealed in the martian glacier by the reptilian ice warriors at some point in the past. Under this trapped state, they existed on the planet Mars until 2059.
Flood infects other lifeforms through exposition to liquid. Once a lifeform has been infected, it constantly produces water; the liquid dribbles out of the host's mouth and soaks through their clothes. It can produce further water to break through barriers and locks, and blast high-pressure sprays from their mouths and arms. The infected hosts show parched, cracked mouths, blackened teeth, and, after a while, faded blue eyes. Infection takes place quickly, but the Flood can cover up the physical symptoms for a short period of time.
Flood infecting different individuals maintain telephathic communication and emit high-pitched screams, capable of cracking open ice.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (DW: The Waters of Mars)

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