dimanche 29 novembre 2009


Planet of Origin: Galman, distant of about 20 000 light years from Earth,
The Galmans are a humanoid species looking much like blue skin humans which developed an advanced interstellar technology a long time ago near the Milky Way's core.
At their height, they had expanded throughout the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds. However, as the Galman Empire waned, they lost control of their territories and were reduced to a few scant planets near their devastated homeworld. When the Bolar Union rose in power, they overtook Galman space and subjected it to severe living conditions. Of the scattered colonies outside the Milky Way, only the ones estalished on the twin planets of Gamilas / Iscandar managed to survive and prosper.
Circa 2200, Dessler, its leader, saved the Galman from complete destruction by freeing Galman from the grip of the Bolars. The Galman-Gamilas expanded into the Core region, the sagitarius and Orion arms. Their independance war from the Bolar Union resulted in the destruction of more than ten worlds, with the Bolar’s Planet Berth being the first casualty. Both sides used Planet-Destroying Missiles and Warp Missiles. Galman was laid waste by the arrival of the black galaxy phenomenon circa 2205.
Source: Leiji Matsumoto, Leijiverse, Space Battleship Yamato

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