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Planet of Origin: LaMetal. 
For millenias, the planet Lametall orbited the dark sun Ra. Ra followed an extremely large elliptical orbit which completed a revolution around the Sun in a 1,000 year period. Its orbit brought it, after a long journey in the far reaches of the outer solar system through the system's ecosphere. As far as it can be traced, by a capcrice of celestial mechanics, Ra was always hidden by Lametal from Earth's point of view. 
Circa 1999, the planet passed nearer to the Earth than it ever did before. Its atmosphere extended like a tail and fused with Earth’s atmosphere. This phenomenon, called the “Atmospheric Bridge” was short lived as  the “bridge” collapsed and disappeared 48 hours after LaMetal had started to move away from Earth. Their proximity to the Sun then slingshut Lametal and Ra out of the Solar system, heading toward the Andromeda galaxy.
Lametal is a planet with an air pressure, gravity, and atmospheric components which are roughly the same as Earth’s. However, it is much bigger. Observations vary as to its exact size. Some sources talk of a diameter of 109,404 km -about nine times Earth’s size- while other observations gave it only three times the size of the Earth. Those discrepencies in observations might be the result of visual distorsion caused by Ra's gravity well. It is known to be hollow with a moon-size core at its center. Its speed of rotation is 48 hours 22 minutes 43 seconds. 
The surface of the planet is usually covered by a thick layer of ice with a maximum extent of 3,000 meters. It is a bitterly cold world with a surface temperature of -280°C. 
During its time in the Solar System, each time it was coming near enough to the Sun, the ice melted, seas were born and cities buried underneath the ice began to appear, among them, the capital, Miyu City. The planet then knew a brief summer before its orbit brought it back toward the colder outer solar system. As it did, ice began to cover the planet again, starting at its poles and moving toward the equator.
After its departure from the Solar System, an orbital artificial sun was enginneered. It lasted  a thousand years before dying out. Then began the mechanisation of Lametal's population to ensure they could carry on in the depths of interstellar space. A civil insued, culminating with the destruction of the planet's outer shell. Luckily this happened as the planet was entering Euphrates, a binary star system locked in a fixed position halfway between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy. the inner core on which survivors had found shelter soon stabilised around Heavy Melder, one of the system's planet and became its moon.
Lametalians are humanoids looking much like Earth's humans but have much longer lifespans. They used to put themselves in hibernation while their planet was in the outer solar system, awakening only during their spring, as the planet was entering the inner system. At each passage of their world in the inner solar sytem, they had sent emissaries to Earth and had their planet not left the Solar System, they planned upon resettling on it. After its departure toward Andromeda. A plan was put in place to gradually transform the whole population into cyborgs in order for them to be able to survive in the intersideral void. When the planet's core put itself into Heavy Melder's orbit, the organics stayed while the mechanized ones continued toward Andromeda where they established themselves. 
It should be noted, as Lametal presumably gave birth to at least to a viable ecosystem and maybe a intelligent life (although it is dubious that human looking lifeforms would develop in parallel on both Earth and Lametal without any common origin whatsoever) that the planet was most probably in a much stabler orbit around the sun at one point, most presumably in the inner solar system, from which it has been torn at some point in the past.
It should also be noted that it took about a thousand years for the wandering Lametal to journey the 1,3 million light years separating the Solar System from the Euphrates star system which is halfway from the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy; something that is physically impossible unless the planet was travelling faster than the speed of light or using shortcuts from point A to point B.
The two aforementionned points may be related to the presence of the black sun Ra in the vicinity of Lametal.

Lametal's Core, now orbiting Heavy Melder.

Source: Leiji Matsumoto, Queen Millenia TV series and film, Maetel Legend, Space Symphony Maetel.

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