lundi 7 décembre 2009


Planet of Origin: Psychon (in another galaxy of the Local Group). Psychon had one moon, similar to Earth's one. As of the end of the second millenium, the planet has become geologically unstable.
Psychons are humanoids looking much like humand who developed an advanced civilisation and some space faring capacities. Some psychons are known to have developed psionic powers allowing them molecular transformation and/or mind control.
After attempted invasions by the Dorcons who abducted numbers of Psychons, the planet was left unstable. Either to find an new home or escape their aggressor, most of the inhabitants of the planet had left it by the beginning of the third millenium, leaving only the scientist Mentor and his daughter on the planet, trying to stabilise it with a biological computer named Psyche. Some escapees made contact with the Croton civilisation. Their insertion was complicated by the attempt by one of them to seize power through mind control.

Source: Space: 1999

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