mardi 8 juin 2010


Planet of origin: Alfava Metraxis, the seventh planet orbiting Dundra, in the Gan belt.
The Aplans are a peaceful bicephal humanoid species. Each heads has its own intelligence and personalities. They are prolific builders, and erected notable landmarks including the Aplan Mortaria, sometimes known as Mazes of the Dead, large subterranean labyrinths with tombs in the walls, adorned with statues of the dead. The Mazes hassix levels, representing the ascent of the soul in the Aplan religion. The Aplans adept at recording their social, cultural and political history.
In the 47th century, a large population of Weeping Angels came to Alfava Metraxis and hunted the Aplans to extinction, the Angel colony lacked any further energy source and over the centuries, the being energy deprived began to degrade and went into hibernation. After the Angels fell into a Crack in Time in the 51th century, they stopped existing, which means the Aplans could still be existing.
In the 49th century, the planet was terraformed by human settlers. As a result, the atmosphere boasted a high level of oxygen and a low amounts of toxins. It had an oxygen-rich atmosphere, and an eleven-hour day. During the 49th century, humans terraformed the planet and by the 51st century, six billion settlers had come to live there.
Source: Doctor Who universe, (DW: The Time of Angels)

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