lundi 7 juin 2010


Planet of Origin: Saturnyne, an earth-type planet with huge bodies of water.
The Saturnynians are amphibians with fish and crustacean traits, They have a vaguely humanoid upper body, a fishlike head with sharp teeth and lobster-like lower body. They have a strong sensitivity to ultraviolet light, being repelled by smaller amounts and being incinerated by large amounts.
They are capable of converting some other species (like Humans) into Saturnynians by draining them of their blood and replacing it with their blood.
Some time in the species' history their home-world was besieged by the cracks in the universe, ranging from small cracks to cracks that consume the planet's sky. At first the cracks appeared to pose no real danger and the aliens were able to observe other worlds through some of them. Eventually, however, the true nature of the cracks became apparent and Saturnyne was lost. Some took their chances with the cracks that showed other worlds and fled to worlds with oceans like their own planet. One colony made it to Venice in 1580 but was only able to survive on Earth for a short while.
Source: Doctor Who universe (DW: The Vampires of Venice)

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